"Since 1994, American Video has offered Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky the best pricing, customer service, and quality in wedding videography!"


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CLICK HERE, to view a short compilation from our popular Gold Package, which includes footage from our "classic opening", pre-ceremony, wedding, and reception.  All of this, for only $1095; from a company that has been in business since 1994!

This sample has been placed on "YouTube®" for faster downloading.  Note the audio "clarity" of the wedding vows, thanks to our wireless, remote mic. 




CLICK HERE, to view our first sample, which is a "non traditional" wedding, shot by American Video at Great American Ballpark.  Yes, this couple got married on homeplate!  We begin with this video sample as it is on a website that allows for "high resolution" samples (just the way your DVD will look), with a quick download.   Our other samples are on "YouTube®", which allows for quick downloads, but with some quality loss.

This sample is a two camera wedding, and opens with a nice "overview" of the wedding venue, followed by some pre-ceremony shots, the wedding, then some reception highlights!  Note the nice fades, special (but not chessie) effects, and the clear audio of the wedding vows, thanks to a small wireless mic worn by the groom.

This sample is about 9 1/2 minutes long.




CLICK HERE, to view a 9 minute, "outdoor" one camera sample, which includes our classic video opening, and highlights from both the ceremony and the reception.  This sample has also been placed on "YouTube®". 




CLICK HERE, for a wedding reception sample, which we have placed on "YouTube®".  This sample runs almost 9 minutes, and shows you in more detail how you will not regret, 20 years from now, having your wedding and reception professionally videotaped and edited!

Your wedding day will become nothing but a "blur" in your memory, as quickly as the next day.  Why not invest in something that you will have and cherish forever?