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American Video's Q & A Regarding Your Wedding Videos

  1. Should we have our wedding professionally videotaped?
  2. How long has American Video been in business?
  3. What about references?
  4. What other customers has American Video done work for?
  5. Are all wedding videos created equal?
  6. How much better are digital cameras?
  7. What is a digital master?
  8. What other things do you look for?
  9. What is your deposit to hold my date?
  10. In your opinion, are there other good/reputable video companies out there in the Tri-State area?
  11. How many couples are using professional videography in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky today?

Should we have our wedding professionally videotaped?

YES! Just ask yourself, wouldn't you enjoy seeing your parents wedding video, and actually hearing them say their wedding vows, and dancing their first dance at their reception? Of course you would, but you can't, because video didn't exist back then.

Wedding videos capture a "once in a lifetime" event, and become more and more valuable, the older they get! If you have a friend or your uncle shoot it, it will be "shaky", out of focus, and everything will be off centered. Only with a true professional will you get a video that is fun to watch, and something that you will treasure for a lifetime.

How long has American Video been in business?

We began as Americana Productions in 1993, and became American Video Productions Company in 1994. We have been at the same Colerain Township (S. of Northgate Mall) location since 1994, and have done every type of wedding there is (cathedral, small church, temple, home, outdoor, indoor, justice-of-the peace, etc...)

What about references?

The best reference is other wedding vendors, such as your photographer or DJ. We knew of one videographer who gave out the names of so called "brides" as references, who turned out to be his sisters. American Video is recommended by leading Tri-State vendors such as Maslov Photography, John Summers Productions (DJs), and many others.

What other customers has American Video done work for?

We have also done commercial work for customers ranging from P&G; The Food Channel; M-TV, The Midland Company; The State of Ohio/Bureau of Motor Vehicles; Sun Chemical Company; The United States Department of Defense; The Ludlow, Kentucky City Schools; Moeller High School; Northgate Mall; The Metamora, Indiana Business Association; among others.

Are all wedding videos created equal?

No, many are no better than home video. You want a wedding video where the video company offers use of 3-Chip, digital cameras, and edits from a digital master. You also want a company with a proven track record, with experienced videographers.

How much better are digital cameras?

Regular VHS has 250 horizontal lines of resolution that make up the video picture. Digital has between 550 lines. The more lines of resolution from the original tape, the better your final copies will be.

What is a digital master?

Digital comes from the same technology that computers use. Digital "maintains" the integrity of your video, with virtually no loss between copies. Before digital, the video company would shoot your video on tape, make an edit master on tape, and then make your copies from that edit master; so in effect, you were getting a picture, of a picture, of a picture. Most still do it this way.

With digital, there is virtually no loss between the first and second generation, so the copies you get are much clearer, sharper, and enjoyable to watch!

What other things do you look for?

Does the videographer have any real training. The owner of American Video, Chris Heather, is a graduate of U.C. with a Bachelor's Degree in Radio-TV-Film. There are many people out there with no real training in the art of video production.

You also want to make sure, if you decide to see samples of the videographer's work, that they are showing you true "VHS" video (the format that you have at home) on a regular TV, or DVD on a regular TV, not a "high definition" TV.

You might also want to ask how long the videographer has been in business. Another good indicator is "what does their studio look like?" Chances are, if it is messy and unkempt, that is a true reflection on how they view their work, and what your wedding video will ultimately look like.

Another thing to consider, does the videographer have a business address, or work from a P.O. Box. When they work out of their home or P.O. Box, they may be hard to find if you have problems with your video.

Finally, ask how long it will take to get your video. It is not uncommon for couples to have to wait literally months to get their finished product. With American Video, you will get your completed video, usually within 10 days of your wedding.

What is your deposit to hold my date?

$300 deposit for two camera weddings, $200 for one camera weddings.

In your opinion, are there other good/reputable video companies out there in the Tri-State area?

Yes, but as with everything, ask the right questions, and go with your instincts! If the videographer is "high-pressured", has no track record, offers tremendous discounts to get your business... go slow! Also be careful if they show you samples on the equipment where they edit (i.e. on their studio equipment), as his video monitors are better than home TVs.

One other thing. Check to see if the videographer is recommended by other wedding professionals. Look near the bottom of our wedding page! You will see that we both recommend, and are recommended by several of the areas top, long-term wedding professionals, including John Summers (DJ) Productions, Ron Shuller's Creative Images, and Lakeridge Hall.

How many couples are using professional videography in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky today?

We estimate that approximately 40% of all weddings are professionally videotaped today. This is up drastically from just a few years ago. Just as you wouldn't have your "Uncle Joe" do your photography, why let him mess up your wedding videos? Believe us, shooting wedding videos is not a simple thing.

As mentioned above, home video will ultimately be out of focus, shaky, and be no "fun to watch"! It took us several years before we felt like we had "mastered" the trade. We know you are spending a lot of money on your wedding (the average Tri-State wedding costs $16,000; when including dresses, reception hall, flowers, photography, etc...)

Remember... the food is eaten, the flowers wilt, the dresses are put away... so why not invest in something you can enjoy forever? A professional wedding video! It will become more and more valuable as the years pass by; and quite frankly, may even become more valuable to you than your wedding photos!

When will you get your video?


It's the day after your wedding. You and your new spouse are off to your honeymoon destination. Uncle Joe is back home, still worn out from the big party. He doesn't feel like working on your video. He'll get to it later.

The next day is Monday. Back to work. He's not going to want to fool with it after a long day at work. Next Saturday he's got that golf outing. And Sunday he promised to clean out the garage. Before you know it, your wedding video is just a distant memory to Uncle Joe. It may be months or even years before you get your video, if you get it at all. And you can't really get mad at Uncle Joe. After all, he only did it as a favor to you. It's not like it's his job.

At American Video, it IS OUR JOB! You get married on Saturday; we start editing on Sunday. They'll be no stress over when your video will be done. It'll be waiting for you when you get home from your honeymoon!

 What about editing?


Uncle Joe may have some nice editing software in his computer. He may be able to add some titles to your video, and maybe a special effect or two. But does he know editing?

Suppose while the bridal path is being unrolled one of the musicians moves a microphone too close to a speaker, and causes "feedback," that awful screeching, nails-on-a-chalkboard noise. Will Uncle Joe know how to fix that? Or will he just cut that part out? Or worse, leave it in for you to listen to over and oer again?

Or suppose the photographer steps in front of Uncle Joe during the ring ceremony? Is he going to know how to fix that? Or will you have to look at your photographer's back every time you watch you video? At American Video, we know all the little editing tricks. At American Video, we can fix it.