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Old 8mm Film Transfer Service!




Serving Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and now the entire U.S.A.!  $10 gets your order shipped back to you, no matter how big, or where you live in the lower 48 states.  Contact us for shipping information.  There are no "middlemen" involved, just the customer, and American Video!

Let American Video transfer your old 8mm, and Super 8 film to video or DVD, at a price you can afford! Film gradually fades, so you don't want to wait. Film transfer is one of our most popular services, and we are experts at it! American Video has transferred over 100,000 rolls of film, since beginning in 1994!

Film transfer makes for an excellent Christmas, or anniversary/birthday present! We do the work right in our studio. We do not send out your valuable films, like drug stores and other retail outlets. There are no middlemen involved at all.  Nobody will handle your films except us, so there is absolutely no way they will or can get lost!


Large reel lengths:  5" = 200 feet;  6" = 300 feet;  7" = 400 feet.

Each 50 foot reel runs about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes, so we can put 35 small reels, or close to 1750 feet onto a 2 hour DVD.  Super 8 runs slightly faster, so we can put close to 1900 feet of Super 8 onto a 2 hour DVD.

Sound Super 8mm, in rare cases where it has an original sound track, is $14 per 50 ft. roll, or 17 cents per foot for large rolls.  This higher cost is due to the absolute rarity and high cost of good condition, Super 8mm sound projectors, which we just happen to have one of!


Pricing Example:

You come in with 25, 50 ft. rolls, and three, 200 foot rolls, and want 2 DVDs:

TOTAL: $364 plus Ohio Sales Tax

Normal turnaround time is usally 1 - 2 weeks.  Call us at 513-522-5700 to schedule a time to bring your tapes in, or mail/ship to address below.   We are located just south of the Ronald Reagan/Cross County Highway, off Colerain Ave., in Colerain Township.

American Video
7116-D Pippin Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239