American Video offers DVD copies, so you can preserve your family video treasures forever! Our DVD's are of the "DVD-R" format, meaning that they will play on 99% of all consumer DVD players.  We duplicate in the "DVD+R" format only when requested to do so.

Save your VHS, and other videos to DVD, before this happens to them!  We also FIX broken tapes, so they then can be transferred to  DVD!


We use the very highest quality DVD-R disks, and prices include individual jewel cases. There is no surcharge for same day service.  Custom color printing of disks is available, at additional cost.  We can do VHS, VHS-C, Regular 8mm, High 8mm, Digital 8mm, DV, mini-DV, PAL, SECAM, and Consumer BETA.

DVDs are also much clearer and sharper than VHS, due to the high resolution of the DVD format. Unlike VHS or 8mm tapes & films which degrade in as little as 10 years, DVD's will last a lifetime (with proper care... don't scratch!).

We can take the old VHS copy of your wedding, old 8mm films (see old film page for pricing of transfer), or anything that you wish to preserve, and put in onto DVD... all at a competitive price!  We can also save all of your audio treasures onto CD.  Please see "Audio Services" for pricing.



Turn around is usually same day, or within 24 hours. Call us at 513-522-5700