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Service level comparison between American Video and most competitors
  American Video Most Competition
Pricing Packages range from
$795 - $1095
Packages range from
$1295 - $2895
Formal Video Training Owners, John Waters & Sie Callebs have over 30 years combined experience, and use the very latest in "high def" equipment! No formal training
Office/Studio American Video is a full-time video productions company. Since opening in 1994, it has been at the same location (7116 Pippin Rd., S. of Northgate Mall) Part-time
(out of back bedroom at home)
P.O. Box location
Registered with the Better Business Bureau Yes No
Video Completion Typically within 7-10 days 4 weeks to 6 months




American Video vs. Uncle Joe

It’s your wedding day, the biggest and most important day of your life! You’ve bought an expensive gown, and rented tuxedos.  Your bridesmaids look fantastic!  You’ve hired professional musicians to play at your wedding. You’ve rented a banquet room and hired a caterer. You’ve hired a limo to drive you and your bridal party around. You selected a professional baker for your wedding cake. You’ve got a professional DJ. You’ve got a professional photographer. And to produce your wedding video, the video you’ll be watching with your kids and grandkids on your 50th anniversary, you’ve got… Uncle Joe and his camcorder????

Now we’re not trying to disparage Uncle Joe. We know he’s a great guy, and everyone loves him. And we know he takes some terrific home movies and vacation videos. But shooting a wedding is a lot more difficult. It’s a one time thing, and if you get a bad shot or miss something, there are no do overs. So before you settle on Uncle Joe, here are some things to consider.

How many wedding videos has Uncle Joe produced?

Shooting a wedding video sounds easy, but it’s not. If you don’t go to a lot of weddings, it’s easy to miss something.

At American Video, we’ve been involved in over 800 weddings; Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, civil ceremonies, indoor, outdoor, big, small, you name it. There’s not much that can surprise us.

Where will Uncle Joe be during the ceremony?

Chances are he’ll be in a pew, which means he won’t be able to use a tri pod. He’ll have to shoot off the shoulder. That’s hard to do for a long time, even for professionals like us. After awhile your arm gets tired and the camera begins to shake. And camera shake is more noticeable with those small consumer quality cameras. So Uncle Joe might decide to put the camera on pause and rest for awhile, like maybe when Karen, your best friend from grade school is reading that poem she wrote especially for your wedding day.

At American Video, we’ll be using high quality tri-pods, and we’ve been in enough churches that we know the best places to set up.

How will the sound quality be on Uncle Joe’s video?

Your vows are the most important part of your wedding day. And often they’re hard to hear out in the congregation. It’s especially hard for a small consumer grade camcorder microphone to pick them up.

At American Video, we put a small wireless mic on the groom. It transmits directly into our cameras, so it doesn’t interfere with the church’s sound system. It will be on only during the vows and exchange of rings. It will sound like we’re standing right next to you.

Is Uncle Joe going to video everything?

Uncle Joe means well but let’s face it, first and foremost he’s a guest. So if he’s eating dinner, he may not notice that the bridal party toasts have started. If he’s chatting with Aunt Mary, who he hasn’t seen in years, he may not notice that you’re having your first dance. And after he’s made a couple of visits to the bar, well, who knows how his footage will look.

At American Video we’re not there to socialize. We’re there to do a job. So when the guests are gathering in the lobby of the church, we’ll be there. We’ll get footage of your friends and relatives signing the guest book, of the flowers being pinned on, the hugs, handshakes and laughs that Uncle Joe would miss because he’s talking to Cousin Ken. At the reception while Uncle Joe is going for seconds on the roast beef, we’ll be outside waiting for your limo to pull up. And while Uncle Joe is doing the chicken dance, we’ll be getting him on tape.

Will Uncle Joe get video of both sides of the family?

It’s human nature to gravitate toward people you know. So your new spouse’s family and friends may just be a backdrop in Uncle Joe's video. At American Video, we strive to get as many guests on camera as possible (without being overbearing of course.) Heck, we’ll even get a few shots of Uncle Joe!

So let Uncle Joe relax and have fun at your wedding. And if he brings his camcorder, well, that’s cool. Some extra video footage never hurts. But for your wedding video, for the video you’ll be watching with your kids and grandkids on your 50th anniversary, trust the professionals at American Video!